Over the years Fratelli Carlessi became specialists in the production of hide drying and finishing plants, trying to meet customers' requirements using new processing techniques, and where necessary, even customizing
Upon designing, special features have been adopted to facilitate all operator tasks, to reduce space requirements and to increase productivity with constant improvement in quality and maximum respect for the environment.
Carlessi production range can be summed up as follows:
- Finishing lines for the pigmentation of hides with rotary or reciprocating systems, with a belt working length of 1800, 2200, 2600, 3000, 3400, 3800, 4000 mm., with one or two spray cabinets.
- Drying tunnels, combined with spray and/or roller padding lines, operating with steam, hot water, gas or electricity.
- Ecological suction units, extracting fumes from the spray cabinets.
- Frame drying plants for half-damp, damp and wet hides.
- Drying plants for pole hung hides of various capacities and sizes.
- Split upgrading lines with solvent-based or water- based polyurethane.
- Air off tunnels placed over the rotary spray lines.
- Fabric-fabric, fabric-non-fabric and fabric-hide matching machines.
- Small mobile or hoistable belts to connect the finishing lines.
- Conditioning machines.
- Manual spraying cabinets and drying boxes for sampling.
- Spare parts.
Moreover Fratelli Carlessi have developed a new cabinet type 'SPRAYTEX' suitable to spray on different types of fabric, non-woven-fabric, etc.