Spray cabinet for fabric and non-woven-fabric
Spraytex 1800 1800 2000 3600 4700 2610
Spraytex 2200 2200 2400 4000 5100 3010
Spraytex 2600 2600 2800 4400 5500 3410
Fratelli Carlessi Spa, specialized in the production of finishing lines, has developed a new cabinet type SPRAYTEX, suitable to spray on different type of fabric and non-woven-fabric.
This cabinet has been designed with working widths of mm 1800, 2200 and 2600.
Upon request, it can also be manufactured in lager width.

Main features of SPRAYTEX cabinet:

  • Reduced cabinet overall dimensions;
  • Reciprocating movement of the trolley, where No. 5 (or No. 6) spray guns are installed, to get an even spray on the fabric;
  • Installation of No. 5 pigment pumps with double membrane (or No. 6 pigment pumps); each one can be connected to each single gun;
  • Installation of an electronic limit device, adjusting the spray width, according to the fabric width;
  • Intermittent spray system, allowing that each gun works with variable intermittence; in this way a 'cloud effect' is created on the fabric;
  • Operator interface to manage the gun spray parameters, both for the continuous and for the intermittent spray; it can record up to No. 50 recipes;
  • Gun translation speed can get to max 25 cycles/min in continuous;
  • Reduced maintenance of the pigment and air circuits, since there are no distribution collectors.
    The pigment and the air get to the guns only through rubber, nylon and stainless steel pipes;
  • Easy adjustment, cleaning and maintenance of the spray guns;
  • Stainless steel plane for fabric running inside the spray cabinet;
  • Spray dust suction system, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, complete with helicoidal fan and water atomizing nozzles;
  • Internal part of the cabinet with AISI 304 stainless steel bottom with static water, complete with a water discharging valve;
  • Device to record the fabric movement speed;
  • Production speed up to 15 mt/min max.

Upon request, the cabinet SPRAYTEX can be equipped with the following optionals:

  • For knitted fabric, transport system with washable conveyor for elastic fabric feed-in and feed-out from the spray cabinet. The transport conveyor is equipped with a washing and drying system in continuous;
  • Second gun-holding arm complete with 5 (or 6) guns;
  • Spray system with AIRLESS guns for big quantity of sprayed product;
  • Water antipollution unit type 'DEP' for the spray dusts, incorporated into the spray booth, to reduce the environmental pollution, according to the European laws in force;
  • Dry antipollution unit for the spray dusts;
  • Drying tunnel for the sprayed product through a heating system working by steam, diathermic oil or gas.
Water antipollution unit type 'DEP'.